Feature: NBC News: "Hollis Wong-Wear Slams Her Way into Mainstream Music"
September 2014

"'I never anticipated having a song on the radio,' said Wong-Wear. 'I was simply invested in a collective project that I believed in, knowing it was far greater than myself. . . I just want to be the best artist I can be and hustle as hard as I can.'"



Feature: Nordstrom Men's Blog: "5 Music Picks from Hip-Hop Singer Hollis"
August 2014

"Our friend Hollis Wong-Wear is kind of a big deal—and we’re not even saying that for ironic effect. She blew up The Tonight Show alongside Schoolboy Q and Macklemore, belting out the crazy-catchy (in a good way) chorus to “White Walls,” a moonroof-open ode to the road."

Q&A: Audrey Magazine: "Hollis' Crazy Fear, Bad Habit and New The Flavr Blue Video"
August 2014

"Hollis’s collaborations with Macklemore and Lewis were undeniably successful and she became one of the few Asian American women rappers in the Seattle music scene. But instead of continuing on the expected R&B/hip-hop route, Hollis is going synth-pop with her band The Flavr Blue."

Interview: Seattle Met: "A Fiendish Conversation with Hollis Wong-Wear" 
June 2014

"Hollis Wong-Wear is the James Franco of the Seattle music scene. She's just likes having jobs. All the jobs."

Interview/Feature: City Arts Magazine: "Hustle Makes Me What I Am; A Conversation with Blue Scholars' Geo"
May 2014

"I use poetry. It’s such a cold way to get your chops up as a rapper, performer, in general. ’Cause it’s just you and words and that’s it. There’s no nothing; you are the show." 

Interview/Feature: Audrey Magazine: "Voices Carry: Hollis"  
March 2014

"That girl singing the hook from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ hit song “White Walls?” That would be Hollis Wong-Wear, a frequent collaborator with the Grammy-winning hip-hop duo — and the one who inspired Macklemore to write a song about his Cadillac." 

Interview/Feature: Mass Appeal: “Hollis: Singer. Rapper. Producer. Poet. Grammy Nominee”
January 2014

“She says, ‘Success means sacrifice and a shit ton of work, and may I never forget that as I strive to hustle harder and be better every day as an independent artist.’ Hopefully her hustle will pay off at the Grammys tonight, but if it doesn’t at least we know that she’ll still be out there trying to make a name for smart, thoughtful women in music.”

Interview/Feature: Seattle Met: "Our Grammy Winners: Mark Mitchell and Hollis Wong-Wear"
January 2014

"I knew I was a nominee, but I also felt like a nobody in the swirl of celebrity. Mark's dress kept me grounded. It's the reason why MTV selected me, a newbie, as a part on their Grammy Fashion feature. There is power and hope in each stitch. It has Mark's energy in it."

Interview: Billboard: “Hollis Talks ‘White Walls,’ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Early Days: Q&A”
December 2013

"Singer-songwriter," "video producer" and "spoken-word artist" are just a few hats that Hollis has worn in the past five years, before the Seattle artist burst onto the scene with her collaborations on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' debut album, "The Heist."

Interview/Feature:Mochi Magazine: “Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Protégée Hollis Wong”
December 2013

She’s a fresh face to most, but 26-year-old Wong-Wear is anything but new to the music industry.”

Interview: It’s Yow Yow: “Meet: Hollis Wong-Wear”
July 2013

 When I first heard Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ latest track “White Walls” on the radio for the first time, I had to know – who was that girl singing the catchy hook?

Interview: Seattle Weekly: “Hollis Wong-Wear of The Flavr Blue”
May 2013

Multi-faceted, multi-tasking Seattle artist Hollis Wong-Wear is in the zone. She produces videos for Macklemore, manages operations for The Blue Scholars, plays in a handful of bands, choreographs, dances, and acts (that was her as Kyla in ACT’s These Streets). What more can a girl possibly get involved with on the arts scene, you ask? A lot more, apparently.

Interview: Seattle Peach “Seattle Peach 100: Hollis Wong-Wear”
April 2013

Being the kind of girl who’s a ball to be around and can party with the best of them, but can put her nose to the grindstone when push comes to shove and crank out some really incredible work, is precisely what has earned Hollis her place in the Seattle Peach 100. She’s infinitely inspirational, and equally approachable. She’s the kind of person that makes you feel like all things are possible. 

Interview/Feature: Artists 4 Artists : "Spotlight On: Hollis Wong-Wear"
March 2013

Hollis Wong-Wear is becoming known throughout Seattle as a woman with the Midas touch. All of the projects she touches are incredibly successful, and the list is endless. [...] Weaved throughout her work is a consistent theme of helping artists realize their dreams. 

Feature: City Arts Magazine: “The Workhorse: Hollis Wong-Wear”
January 2013

"The consummate hyphenate—Wong-Wear is not only a singer-producer, she’s also a poet, rapper, manager and actor"


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