Hollis | In My Dream & The Birth of the Flavr
Hollis Wong-Wear is a poet, performer, songwriter, and community advocate who lives between Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles. She is the lead vocalist of the Seattle-based electronic R&B trio The Flavr Blue, and was GRAMMY nominated for Album of the Year for her vocal performance of “White Walls” on The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
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In My Dream & The Birth of the Flavr

I’m pleased as punch to present the latest music video I’m featured in “In My Dream” by The Flavr Blue. This is our third single and video (check out “FxF” and “Hideaway” here) but actually, the very first Flavr Blue song ever.

The three of us – myself, Park and Lace –  met in the Seattle rap scene. I first met Parker and his crew State of the Artist when I interviewed them as an intern for the Seattle Weekly’s music blog. Actually, I twitter-viewed them, my own Franken-creation where I interviewed local artists solely through Twitter …in 2009! I was on the wave! (I can’t find the Twitterview where I interviewed SOTA, but here’s the one I did with Macklemore where he announced his new group VS. with Ryan Lewis… lol) The SOTA boys were a lightweight phenom around these Seattle rap parts; their album SeaCal featured over 20 local artists, went to #1 on KEXP’s hip-hop charts, and captured of what many of us remember as a golden summer.

I first met Lace watching the video of his own hip hop trio Clockwork for the song “Hold On”, which at the time instantly impressed me with its slick production quality, a polish I hadn’t seen locally. When I met Lace I nearly gushed to him about my admiration. I learned that Clockwork had actually been signed to Dreamworks Records and Lace had lived in LA for a stint doing the major label thing, working in fancy studios with the likes of DJ Quik. I also later learned that Lace and Macklemore had been friends since kindergarten at Tops Elementary, and the two of them started performing together in their first rap group, Elevated Elements as teenagers. In fact on Jay-Z’s Life + Times documentary featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, at 10:00 you can see Ben rap a cappella 16+ bars of Lace’s own lyrics back to him that Lace wrote when he was 15. It’s hilarious.

And me? Well, my journey into rap is worth its own blog post – maybe even its own book – but suffice to say I performed as one half of the lady hip hop duo Canary Sing with my best friend Maddy aka Madlines. We started the group when we were 19 years old, performed for 5 years opening for some of our heroes like Dead Prez, Medusa and Saul Williams, and through that experience I met dozens of inspiring artists that would become my creative community.


So as the story goes, in 2011 three Seattle rappers met in the studio on a weekday summer night to make a song over a house beat… but for real, Parker and Lace had been working together for a few months on what we like to call “wavy” electronic beats sharing a love for Cut Copy and Scandinavian production. I had the inside scoop because Parker’s studio was inside of my boyfriend Jeff/dj100proofs townhouse on Beacon, and Jeff and I would watch movies together on the other side of the studio walls. On this fated day, the guys asked me to come in and feature on their EP that they were to release as The Flavor Blue. And I was down: I’ve been a poet since I knew how to write, but songwriting and singing were still pretty new to me and I am always up for a challenge.

Well, the song we made was “In My Dream” and it was such an easy, inspired process that the three of us were resoundingly geeked. Thus, TFB with Hollis in the middle was formed. And while it has been such a crazy learning experience between all the hundreds of things one must do working toward a shared vision, our dynamic in the studio is still so fun, and a place of enthusiasm, discovery and irreverence.

I love how the video for “In My Dream” captures the vibrancy and dynamic of The Flavr Blue’s creative process. Special thanks go to director Ryan Hills, DP Avi Loud, producer Afi Clark, and animator Travis Moffe. Also thanks to Nathan Sheppard of InGrooves for helping us with our VEVO placement and Edwin Ortiz for premiering the video on Complex Magazine’s blog.

[PROMOS] Bright Vices [SCP04]

I’ll write soon with more details about Bright Vices but set your alarm to October 15th and your browser to theflavrblue.com to download our newest EP FOR FREE. Couldn’t be more excited. Make sure to stayed tuned through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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