Hollis | The Flavr Blue Releases New Love Notes EP!
Hollis Wong-Wear is a poet, performer, songwriter, and community advocate who lives between Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles. She is the lead vocalist of the Seattle-based electronic R&B trio The Flavr Blue, and was GRAMMY nominated for Album of the Year for her vocal performance of “White Walls” on The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
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Love Notes EP

The Flavr Blue Releases New Love Notes EP!

After over a year of love lost, love gained, countless shows, and a whole lot of soul-searching and late nights in the studio, I am ever-so-proud to present my band The Flavr Blue’s latest project, the Love Notes EP.

Every project I embark upon with my bandmates Parker and Lace is like authoring a veritable chapter of our lives. Our first project, Pisces, was like a creative petri dish: us experimenting with new sounds and textures, all over the place. Our second project, Bright Vices, focused and drew out our synth-pop sensibilities and songwriting craft, and illustrated us gelling as a trio, not just three people coming together to make music but a cohesive unit. I feel that Love Notes demonstrates the growth and maturation of us both as people and as musicians – more live instrumentation, leaning into groove and vintage sounds. We are definitively electronic R&B, bringing out the brightness of each genre to the forefront. Personally, I know I’ve grown so much as a vocalist and songwriter through working with my band; this is my favorite writing I’ve done to date.

We are so grateful to the folks at Fader for premiering our first single “Majesty,” and for the warm reception from fans so far! We will continue to release songs on Soundcloud through mid-January, and in February we will embark on a tour in support of our project. A special shoutout to our friends Jarell Perry and YMTK for lending their incredible talents to our songs “Oxygen” and “Pretty Girl,” which are featured as bonus tracks on our EP.

Stay tuned for those tour dates and thanks again for supporting our music and giving our latest project Love Notes EP a spin! This end of the year brings on so many feelings, from gratitude to anxiety to loneliness to love, and we hope that what we’ve spent so much time crafting will be a companion to you as you move forward into the New Year.

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