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Hollis Wong-Wear is a poet, performer, songwriter, and community advocate who lives between Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles. She is the lead vocalist of the Seattle-based electronic R&B trio The Flavr Blue, and was GRAMMY nominated for Album of the Year for her vocal performance of “White Walls” on The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
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My Grammy Dream Team

 Photos by Eleanor Stills


 Nina, Jane, Me, Sandy, Ronyda. Viet girl glamour squad.




Mark is my next-door neighbor and the husband to the amazing DJ El Toro on KEXP. We only recently started hanging out neighbor-status, but I was already well versed in his transcendental talent in fashion design. Read this article that ran when he graced the cover of City Arts Magazine like a total boss.

When Mark found out on FB that I was going to the Grammys, he had a vision for me, and was unbelievably generous in making me a dress. And not even one dress, but two. This article by Seattle Metropolitan really nicely outlines the story of the Japanese plum silk gown that graced mah body. That I feel magnificent in his work was an understatement. I’m excited for The Flavr Blue video for “We Can Go Blind” to come out; I wore his pieces in his exhibit Burial for the video, and I felt like a freakin’ angel. It is crazy that I have a Mark Mitchell of my very own.

I love this man and his career is taking off in a huge way. His gifts and talent and energy transformed my Grammy experience into one of bonafide ferocity. When I lamented to him about my eyebrow threading and eyelash extension appointments, sighing that “it’s so much work to be a girl,” he didn’t miss a beat when he exclaimed back, “Honey, I used to be a drag queen! I know!”




What the hell would I do without Nina? Be a hot mess, probably. Nina is the genius stylist at Gold Comb Salon, my former roommate, and one badass lady. Nina was my hot date to Clive Davis and was my shotgun bombshell cruising through LA in my drop-top red convertible. Nina had colored my hair two weeks before the Grammys, generously flew to LA to do hair for me, Melissa and Jackie for the big day, and made glorious curls cascade down the side of my face in like seriously 15 minutes. I was like, we’re done? Damn. And my hair looked banging all night. She’s a real pro.

I love Nina in my life. She is a relentlessly positive person whose belief in me inspires and motivates me. She works her ass off at Seven and her clients are obsessed with her for it. She can also put down some food like a mf. We smashed on some Roscoe’s and late night Korean BBQ before she departed.




The amazing Osiris Navarro of Gigette Bardot connected me with her homegirls Sandy and Jane, immediately placing me in immensely talented and generous hands. When I saw Sandy’s website for the first time, I may have actually drooled. Meeting Sandy in person, you realize that she is both exacting and effortless in her fashion sensibilities. She had a determined option and smart reasoning behind her styling choices, but also encouraged me to bring and try whatever made me feel best and most powerful. Sandy ended up styling me for the Grammys, the M&RL Belasco performance and an impromptu Mass Appeal photoshoot with Zoe Rain, a photo shoot with Eleanor Stills, and the Revolt TV red carpet. She went abroad on tour with Chris Brown in his wardrobe department, which sounded like a huge challenge. It’s exhausting enough being a performer on tour, but to be responsible for ten people’s concert wardrobe while traveling internationally for months on end? Yowza! She’s a trooper, a super smart lady, and the first stylist I’ll call when I touch down in LA. next for an event or photoshoot.




Jane is a trip, yo. She is a phenomenal and thoroughly versed make up artist – she did me up for this Mass Appeal shoot and for the Grammys – who is working for MAC, but who is also going to grad school for (get this) nuclear medicine technology. Whaaaa??? Jane was hilarious, glamorous, and such a pleasure to work with. Her portfolio shows such a versatility and range in her make up talent that it’s a little unfair that such makeup genius belongs to someone also with a raging scientific intellect. It was also great to work with her assistant Ronyda Hun. You can check out her work at her website here.

Also please note that my LA glamour squad is all badass Vietnamese women !!!


Thanks to Eleanor Stills for coming through to snap some get-ready shots. It was a morning I won’t soon forget!


The beautiful Melissa Lowell! She is a great friend.


Love me some Jackie Ganger. A very wonderful woman, this one.


Sib power.


The whole fam, besides Dad, selflessly hanging out in the car for the majority of the day as our personal Grammy driver.



Me and my hot date. My mom texted me days later, “Did you see I wore the purple lipstick to match your dress?” Also, my smile is looking redundant…


Out the door! To the Grammys we went!

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