Hollis | Proclaimation Against The patriarchy
Hollis Wong-Wear is a poet, performer, songwriter, and community advocate who lives between Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles. She is the lead vocalist of the Seattle-based electronic R&B trio The Flavr Blue, and was GRAMMY nominated for Album of the Year for her vocal performance of “White Walls” on The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
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Photo by Kelly O'Neil

Proclaimation Against The patriarchy

i wrote + performed this poem for the Shout Your Abortion: Stomp the Patriarchy Ball at Washington Hall in Seattle on September 10. this is dedicated to the people and providers that fight for affordable, accessible healthcare & reproductive justice for all. ❤


Proclamation Against The patriarchy

Dearly Beloved,

we are gathered here today to get thru this thing called life,
on our terms.

we honor the Duwamish land
dispossessed by these so called states united
we honor indiginous sovereignty, &
we know that black lives matter

& so on this day
i author my
Proclamation Against The patriarchy
to whom we are the enemy,
we infidels, us ingrates, cuz

the patriarchy fears our self-belief
denies our autonomy
obstructs our magnificence
would compare us to a hate group
when they been hating from jump

the patriarchy squirms
when we unfasten the corset of condition
so as not to live our lives
forever shallow breathed and gasping
we were born to sing / shout
full lunged and uncompromising
tho the patriarchy would have us mute,
tethered down and delirious

and not lucid and fabulous (as we are)
every shade in solidarity (as we are)
our bodies self-determined &
fierce as fuck (as we are)

we will not stand in single file
wait patiently for a justice that will never be served
our femininity not predicated on our anatomy
but by how we transform that which we touch
& the patriarchy arrives, in riot gear
rubber bullets and batons aimed
with illegal intent to enter us

but we too raucous a revolution
far more sophisticated than warfare
slicker than blades / bomber than bombs
more luscious than proposed legislation
we cheffin, got the means
to pineapple upside down cake this system
for a future as delicious as we are
we dismantle by dancing
full selves fluid as sweat
freestyling future w fists held high
refuse to be essentialized

we know there are
a thousand things
that we can birth:
art, music,
and a human
if we so choose, but

it is our right to decide
what blooms from the soil of us

to emerge victorious,
we cannot be bystanders
content when our own plot is unthreatened
instead we gotta unearth the picket fence
swell as accomplices to each other’s liberation

no true feminism exists only for some.
no true feminism is exclusive to body, size or status.
we will never be free thru compromise.

so tonight we raise a glass
our hands, our voices
we honor the mothers, fighters,
women, queer and trans folks,
everyone in between

we honor choice, we honor ourselves
celebrating that we are all we need
to emancipate us from the powers that be


photo by Kelly O’Neil 

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