Hollis | White Walls! Behind the Scenes Photos & Heartfelt Thanks!
Hollis Wong-Wear is a poet, performer, songwriter, and community advocate who lives between Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles. She is the lead vocalist of the Seattle-based electronic R&B trio The Flavr Blue, and was GRAMMY nominated for Album of the Year for her vocal performance of “White Walls” on The Heist by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
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White Walls! Behind the Scenes Photos & Heartfelt Thanks!

It’s out!!!

Posse’s on Broadway

I am excited, maybe slightly terrified, but all together so proud that the “White Walls” video is HERE! After working production on two Macklemore and Ryan Lewis videos – “Wings” and “Thrift Shop” – it was definitely a special experience to be in front of the camera, rolling in a Cadillac for the first time (!), singing a hook we wrote fifteen months ago, now a seeming lifetime away from where we started. Throughout our working relationship, I have learned so much and tried my best to match the hustle and ingenuity of M&RL and their entire company and am honored to be included in this release.

My awesome ride.

 And the dudes I drove behind for 5 hours. Movie magic!

Within each frame of the video is a team of dozens making it happen. I am so appreciative to the people that helped me out personally on this journey. They are listed here in their relative order of appearance, with some pics sprinkled throughout.

Nina / Seven Salon: My amazing roommate, Nina, stylist at Gold Comb Salon, went truly above and beyond to support me in making sure my hair and makeup was on point – everything from the red ombre of my hair to the color of my lips. Nina makes me look and feel gorgeous even when I’m exhausted and frazzled. Her presence and support meant everything, from being on location in the outskirts of LA to the Dick’s parking lot.

Me and Nina on the roof of Dicks!

Kisha / Pure Barre: When I found out we were shooting the video, I decided to commit to a “White Walls Workout Plan” to ensure that my physical wellness and improvement has space within my zany schedule. I found it with my friend Kisha, an OG founder of the Macklorettes currently on maternity leave, but still teaching classes at Pure Barre like a boss. Although it knocked me flat on my ass, I loved sweating and shaking it out in her classes– imagine the most delightful drill sergeant ever!– and it was great for me to challenge myself in a way that didn’t involve me staring at my phone screen but instead being entirely attentive in strengthening my body. Strengthen your body, strengthen your mind is their credo and it pushed me to be a stronger and more focused person, period.

Libby: Enormous shoutout to Libby, who accompanied me to places we never dare tread on our own: Seattle’s downtown shopping district. Libby is a behind-the-scenes superstar at Macklemore LLC with a giant heart and biting wit to boot, and while styling doesn’t come intuitively to either of us, she was my companion in the daunting task of putting stuff on my body for this shoot. Really couldn’t have fared without her support.

Faris: I’ve been a huge fan of Faris‘ jewelry for a minute and knew pretty instantly that I wanted to rock her pieces in this video. Her geometric bronze necklaces symbolize strength, femininity and simplicity. She graciously lent me a few pieces for the shoot.


Debra Minkove / All The While: I was grateful to meet a new friend – Debra – the brains and talent behind All The While who was incredibly generous and helpful in finding awesome accessories for me. What’s more, she even tracked down a 18 karat Cadillac charm for me to wear around my neck! My first rap ice!!! Her quirky, natural-stone necklaces were perfect for the rugged glam of the “Thelma & Louise” shots and her support in general was lovely to have.

Trina / Genuine Gem: I’m pretty much obsessed with Genuine Gem – Trina’s lovingly crafted cut-off shorts – and have had her custom make some pairs for me for my Sasquatch performance and more. She is the queen of studs, demim tears and ombre dye. Can’t recommend her or Gems highly enough. Follow her on IG :)


Logan Nietzel / Craft & Culture: On the recommendation of Faris, I peeped and immediately fell in love with this leather crop top made by Logan Nietzel, who incidentally fashioned Macklemore’s matador outfit for the MTV Movie Awards. Logan was amazing by express shipping me the piece, which I rocked with some trousers alllll over the Dick’s rooftop. So grateful to call this piece my own. Special thanks to Hana Ryan and Craft and Culture for lending me a prototype and in general showcasing fly artisan fashion for the people.

Pretty: My girl Pretty Bhamidi was my insta-pick when I found out I’d get to fly to LA for a Thelma and Louise-style shoot. Pretty emulates her namesake and then some, and moreover is a goofy and deeply compassionate soul. It was great to have her in shotgun and hang with her as her career as a model and actress takes off!


Annie & Lizzie: I’d be remiss if I did not mention my two homegirls Annie and Lizzie, who in many respects have been helping me with the White Walls styling challenge for years by inspiring me with their fashion ever since we were all in the dorms at Seattle University. Annie’s threads are all over me in the convertible shot – shorts, shirt, and I’d like to think a little magic – and Lizzie essentially outfitted me for a week of my life: the vintage floral dress towards the end of the video and the white dress I rocked on GMA was hers. Appreciate you ladies for being my style icons and really great girlfriends throughout.

 Getting ready in the trailer before riding in a droptop: Pretty, Nina, me, Jackie and Ryan.

It was great to meet and work with the talented folks of Seattle’s VODA Studios who partnered with wonder-woman Honnah Kimmer to make production magic happen. It was also a distinct privilege to work with Ryan Lewis on this video: his uber-hands-on and exacting approach to direction was beyond impressive. I can’t wait until he’s directing feature length films– and probably scoring them too!!– they are bound to be exquisite. Thanks obviously go to Ben, Ryan,  and Zach for engineering and stewarding the whole process.

I am soooooooo freaking grateful for all of the love from all over. If you read this far, thank you for supporting. I launched my FB artist page today, so like me, won’t you?? Also want to shoutout the AMAZING interns that have helped me through all of this: Raylene, Julia, Eva, Beeba, Shadi, Behzod, and my homegirl Alex LaChance. Also my boyfriend Jeff continues to be a complete G in both working design/web magic on my site and being a thoroughly amazing and supportive partner. THANKS ALL! OK, I’m gonna drink a margarita and enjoy all this sun! xo


  • Caren Anderson

    September 10, 2013 at 4:25 am Reply

    You were fabulous!!!! Congratulations!!! Love…..Caren

  • Cristian

    September 12, 2013 at 7:29 am Reply

    You looked so beautiful, i love your voice…. I know there a bright future in the music industries for you,!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

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