Hollis is a published writer and public speaker who frequently delivers keynote addresses and facilitates panel and community conversations.

Pulling from her background as a musician, poet, activist and entrepreneur, Hollis speaks on topics such as empowered creativity, independent artistry, intersectional feminism, how her background as a second generation Chinese-American informs her work, and more. 

She has also been commissioned to write and perform spoken word poetry for organizations such as the Power Women SummitYWCA King CountyOneAmerica, and more. 

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@wongweezy, your talk on self worth was sincere and firmly rooted in experience, hard work and millions of agonizing gut checks (so we don’t have to). The hustle is real, but you taught me to own who I am in and out of the day-to-day grind. It was the best presentation, only because I could see that so many young and diverse professionals understood themselves a lot better by hearing you speak.
— Hershell Taghap, re: Seattle Interactive Conference


"A Family Tradition"
TedX: University of Washington

Hollis shares how her experience growing up in the kitchen of her mother's Chinese restaurant informs her creative approach. 


Keep It: ira madison iii interviews hollis about the grammys 2018 & gender inequity in the music industry

select appearances

+Power Women Summit (2018)
+Seattle Interactive Conference (2018) 
+Mosaic IP Conference, University of New Hampshire Law School (2018)
+Planned Parenthood Northwest & Hawaii Annual Luncheon (2017)
+The Poetry of Rising & Resistance feat. Eve Ensler & Kimberle Crenshaw (2017)
+"The New Deciders": The Asian-American Vote with Maria Hinajosa (2017)
+Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute (2016)
+TedX University of Washington (2016)
+IN-NW Digital Marketing and Social Media Conference (2015) 

+Output Presents: Hidden Sounds and Live Demo (2018) 
+Serato Live: Q&A with StarRo (2017) 
+Festa!: Arts Corps' Annual Gala (2017) 
+Equivox: Hedgebrook's Annual Fundraiser (2016) 
+Seattle Globalist Annual Gala (2016) 
+Powerful Voices Annual Luncheon (2016) 

+Music Creators Q&A at The Grammy Museum, The Residency (2018) 
+Complexity Launch Party (2017) 
+DreamSeries: Authentic Creativity - An Asian American Perspective, hosted by DreamMaker 3D (2017) 
+Highline Community College APIA History Month (2016) 

+Keep It! 
+Muses with Montse 
+Yo, Is This Racist?